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35,  Madamas Bay

TT$ 1,600,000.00
Madamas Bay, Blanchisseuse,
Land Sale For Sale
Located to the West of the Madamas River in the Northern Range is this 36 Acres of natural forest with sea frontage.

This freehold parcel of land is situated to the west of Matelot and east of Blanchisseuse and approximately 8 miles north of Brasso Seco / Paria Villages. Madamas Bay is a North Cost beach with relatively calm as well as crashing waves in different areas along its coast line. Popular with trekkers and other adventure seekers, the Madamas River is a camper’s heaven. The parcel of land is located to the east of the river. During turtle nesting season it is reported that leather back turtles may use parts of the beach as their nesting grounds which adds to the natural beauty of the area. Access to this parcel of land is currently only available by sea.

This 36 acre parcel is ideal for a Hotel, Eco Resort or an Investment in the future.