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Documents Required for:

All properties
• Land and Building Tax receipt or House Rates receipts assessed in the name of the present owner of the property.
• Warden’s office clearance or clearance from the Port of Spain Corporation.

• A Water and Sewage Authority Clearance Certificate.
• Release(s) of outstanding mortgage(s) duly executed by the Releasor(s)/Mortgagee (s) in escrow.
• The Releasor’s/Mortgagee’s statement of the amount required to release the existing mortgage(s) (the Redemption Statement.
• The invoice for the legal fees and disbursements in the matter of each Release or evidence that same has been paid (e.g. receipt from the attorney who prepared the release).
• Completion Certificate for the property.
• A copy of the relevant Deed(s) or Certificate of Ownership.

Lease Hold
• Land Rent or Lease Rent receipt.
• Lessor’s consent (where necessary). Where consent of the Lessor is necessary e.g. Westmoorings properties (Director of Surveys): -
• Copy of the Head Lease.
• Copy of the Birth Certificate or Passport of the Purchase (indicating that the Purchaser is a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago).
• Receipts for rates, taxes and Lease Rent.

• Land Rent or Lease Rent receipt.
• Lessor’s consent (where necessary).
• Maintenance charges receipt.
• Clearance Certificate from the maintenance company re: maintenance or service charges.
• Copy of Share certificate.
• A copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Management Company.

Other Documents
Where the property forms part of a development or is a portion of a larger parcel of land - Final Approvals from:
• Town and Country Planning
• Water and Sewerage Authority
• Local Health Authority
• Estate Duty Certificate where death of owner (Vendor) occurred before June 1, 1981.
• If any of the parties has appointed an attorney to act on his/her behalf, a copy of the relevant Power of Attorney registered in Trinidad and Tobago.
• If the Vendor is acting as Personal Representative, the Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration.
If the Purchaser is a foreigner: Evidence that the purchase consideration was (or will be paid) in a foreign currency e.g. bank drafts, deposit slips, etc.

• The certificate of Incorporation of the company or Certificate of Continuance and documents.
• The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Company.
• Evidence of the situation of the company's registered office.
• The Particulars of the Company's Directors.

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